(gondorla sub.limin.al)

speed learning

Scarlett !


Are you under pressure ? Overwhelmed with work ?


You do not want to wreck your head with the name of Gondorla ?


You do not intend to waste your time reading nonsense in small print ?


Pretentious and daft topics make you take to the hills ?


Gondorla Subliminal will have at least the same effect as Gondorla classic. Let those users' testimonials convince you.


Gondorla as a whole is contained in its name, if you swallow the name, you digest the whole project.


(Disclosure. Minor side effects have been reported : possibly a little headache, hand cramps...)


For optimal results, a receptive frame of mind is required.


Ask yourself : 'Am I in a receptive frame of mind ?'





I am a mental sponge. I am staring at my screen with an even emptier mind than usual. I let Gondorla Subliminal work in me. I now proceed to the last step.

I am not ready. I am a control freak, otherwise my life is like falling from a cliff. I need some warming-up. I now proceed to the preliminary exercises.